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How To Make Simon Says Game With Your FPGA

Posted by RTC on

Hi again FPGA people! Today I have another game for you to implement using your FPGA, Simon Says for 2 players. I know it´s a pretty old game but I promise you that it´s a very interesting project.

In this project you will have to make use of your hand skills both for coding and for connecting and playing with cables and stuff.

User input comes from a set of modified Rock Band drum kit.

WARNING: If you don´t want to play Frankenstein with your set of Rock Band drum kit, stop reading or find an alternative!

Right, so you will need a bunch of things to modify your drums: a breadboard, some resistors and caps, two dual retriggerable monostable multivibrators, wire and a ribbon cable. Everything is very well detailed in the article and they have even shared the schematics as well as all the project files. Click here to download them.

The other two major modules for this project are the output to a VGA monitor and the store & check module that compares the inputs from the two players to determine whether they match or not.

For the code the authors used Verilog HDL. I always recommend you to think and write your own code instead of just copying what is given, but this time I won´t. I would just say copy it and implement it. Then, try to develop any of their suggestions for improvements. We would love to hear what you have achieved.

Have fun!


By K. Akiko

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