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Snake Game Created With The Minimum FPGA Resources!

Posted by dhia.khaladi on

Hello FPGA and Arcade games fans! A couple of weeks ago we posted about how to play the Snake game on your FPGA in fore easy steps, our community member mkarlsson was not totally satisfied with the amount of FPGA resources the Verilog code uses and decided to rewrite the game to make it use less resources and now it even fits an LX9  based board like Papilio Pro or Duo with a VGA wing:

The GadgetFactory blog page has this story about the snake game written in Verilog so I decided to take a look at it.  Sadly to say it’s pretty much a textbook example of how not to write HDL code.  However, this idea seemed pretty cool so I decided to do an almost complete rewrite of the code (basically the only thing left from the original code is the VGA controller) while still keeping all the functionality of the original code.  The new version uses about a 1/4 of the FPGA resources compared to the original code when compiled for Spartan6 and it now fits an LX9.

Please visit the original forum thread here to share your thoughts about this project.

Source code is available on github.

By mkarlsson.

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