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Craft Your Own Bit Runner Game Using FPGA

Posted by RTC on

Hello FPGA fans! Today’s project is going to be a great domain for you to have a bit of fun (once you’ve completed it) and learn more aspects about FPGA and applications in shift registers and button interfacing with FPGA. The project is based on a bit runner game, and for those unfamiliar with what the game is, you can follow the link here for a detailed understanding. In this version however, all you can do will be to dodge the LED lights flowing down as described in the project.

The Hardware

You will need a FPGA board and for this project, any Papilio board with LogicStart MegaWing is compatible. The other peripherals that you will need include a handful of LEDs (9 if you are going to follow this project as it is), a push button, a few jumper wires and a breadboard. The author has given a detailed description of interconnects in the 2nd step, and a number of snapshots that you can easily follow.

The Software

Xilinx Design Suite has been used to code and assemble this project in the software aspect. The codes have been broken into modules and each line’s significance has been commented right next to it. The coding has been done in VHDL (.vhd) and has been broken into 8 parts of instructions to follow easily.

Two suggestions by the author to upgrade this game are to use a DAC and speakers for audio outputs when you play in the form of beeps when you successfully dodge. Another thing you can do is to add an LCD display instead of LEDs. A suggestion that I have is to use a clock booster as you progress into the game to make the frequency of obstacles higher and thereby make the game more challenging.

Now, it´s your time to have fun!


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