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In this new category of Gadget Factory store we have cut prices even lower when you combine multiple items. The Papilio was meant to be expanded upon so we have made these combo deals for you to begin to really see the power and potential of the plug-n-play Board and Wing model. Enjoy the savings!

  • LogicStart MegaWing Papilio Bundle

    Here at GadgetFactory we have put together the most common package people choose for getting going with FPGA yet Arduino style user friendly development. The best way we have found for hardware users to branch into the...

  • RetroCade MegaWing Bundle

    Buy the Papilio Pro and the RetroCade MegaWing together as a bundle and enjoy savings! Welcome to the R-R-R-R-RetroCade Synth from Gadget Factory. This exciting new hardware synthesizer is...

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