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LogicStart Shield DUO Bundle

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Product Description

Ok, we messed up - we didn't get an order for a new batch of Papilio DUO boards in before the Chinese New Year and we have run out of inventory. We have a new batch of Papilio DUO's being manufactured as we speak and they should be ready around the middle of March. To make up for our mistake we are offering a limited time deal. For anyone willing to order the Papilio DUO and wait while this batch is being manufactured we will throw in a Shield of your choice. So order a Papilio DUO now and wait for the manufacturing to finish and get a free LogicStart or Computing Shield as our apology for the wait. Or if you order any of the DUO bundles you will automatically get the Shield that is not included in the bundle you ordered. So if you get the LogicStart Shield bundle then you get a free Computing Shield and vice versa.

Introducing the LogicStart Shield DUO Bundle by Gadget Factory! We have combined the popular Papilio DUO and LogicStart Shield in two different versions providing you with the convenience and creativity to unleash your inner DaVinci. 







Papilio DUO

The Papilio DUO 512k SRAM and the DUO 2mb SRAM enable you to:

  • Draw and debug circuits on a chip without soldering, specialized programming languages or breadboarding.
  • Convenience and ease of adapting FPGA into your creative collections.


Hardware Specs:

  • A) Spartan 6 LX9 FPGA (Datasheet)
  • B) High efficiency LTC3419 Switching Voltage Regulator (Datasheet)
  • C) Dual Channel FTDI FT2232H USB 2.0 Interface (Datasheet)
  • D) 512KB or 2MB ISSI IS61WV5128 SRAM (Datasheet)
  • E) 64Mbit Macronix MX25L6445 SPI Flash (Datasheet)
  • F) Atmel AVR ATmega32U4 - Arduino-Compatible Chip (Datasheet)
  • G) 54 I/O pins arranged in an Arduino-Compatible Mega Form Factor
  • H) Digital Pins 0-16 Connected to FPGA and ATmega32U4


LogicStart Shield

The LogicStart Shield Key Features:

  • Everything you need to get started with VHDL and FPGA development on the Papilio.
  • One convenient and easy to connect circuit board
  • Customizable soft Processor
  • Custom peripherals; ZX Spectrum compatible VGA adapter and classic audio chips


  • 7 Segment Display - 4 Character
  • VGA Port - 4r,4g,4b VGA Output
  • Stereo Audio Jack - 1/8" Jack, Low Pass Filter
  • 4 Directional Buttons
  • 6 Analog Channels connected to ATmega32U4 on Papilio DUO
  • 8 LED's - User Feedback
  • 8 Slide Switches - User Input
  • Snap off the VGA portion of the circuit to free up two 8-bit Wing Slots

At Gadget Factory we are proud to bring you savings and creativity in one customizable bundle. With the LogicStart Shield DUO Bundle, you can unleash the power and creative potential of the plug-n-play Board.


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