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Electronic Modules for use with the Papilio and other Development boards.

Use these with breadboards and jumper wires.

  • BlueTooth Module

    Bluetooth Module - Serial pass-through module  We think this little bluetooth gadget is great. Supply it with power and you get a TTL UART on one side and Blue Tooth virtual com port on the other. One of the nice...

  • Ethernet Module

    Ethernet Module- Network adapter    Hacking challenge: This module is specifically part of the challenge we posted on the Gadgetfactory blog post recently. We are offering this new Ethernet Modules to be hacked...

  • LED Display- 7 Segment ; 8 Digit

      Are you in need of a simple and affordable way to visualize numerical values from your Papilio?  Of course you are – and believe us when we say that you’ll wonder how you went without one for so long...

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